Replacing windows can be a big investment. Before you begin the project, you must first be sure whether this investment will pay off. You should consider the following things before replacing your windows.

Deciding on the type of window frame


You should choose a frame that best fits your budget and need. Vinyl frames are very popular for affordable and low maintenance. These frames are found only in white or brown color. Aluminum frames act as good insulators. They can be found in darker shades. Fiberglass frames are expensive, but they have no maintenance cost, and you can paint them it any color. Wood is a popular choice for frames and is available in various colors.

Single vs. dual glazed


Single-glazed windows are made of one pane of glass. It is, therefore, easy to replace when they break. They are also easy to clean. But they are not good insulators. You need to use double-glazed windows if you want good insulation. These windows use two panes of glass and have air trapped inside. This type of window will last for 15 to 20 years.

Energy efficient windows


You should buy windows that have the Energy Star label on them. These windows will stop sun and heat entering your house. In some places, you may be eligible for a tax credit for using energy efficient windows. These windows have special glass coatings.

Window replacement is a time-consuming task. It is a good investment as it increases the value of your house. So, if money is not a constraint, you should choose fiberglass, double-glazed and energy efficient windows.

3 Things You Should Consider Before Replacing Your Windows

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