The Debate Between Brick-To-Brick Vs Retro-Fit Windows Installation

As a homeowner, one would always want their homes to look the best all the time. After all, like people, each home has it own personality and more often than not, it is a reflection of the personalities of the people living there. Whenever it is time for some renovation or home improvement, the decisions about getting it done are usually taken by the entire family. You would need to decide what to get done and how to go about the task.

One of the most important features in a home is its windows and doors. After all, they can totally change the look of any home. It is no wonder then that window and doors replacement is a big decision due to the time, energy and the money involved in it. Also, with the number of options available today, this task may seem even more uphill.

If you have decided to get your windows replaced, the decision one needs to make is whether you should install the windows brick-to-brick or retrofit. Let us look a little more closely to both these options.


Brick-to-brick window installation:

In this process, the complete window including the window frame would need to be removed. The entire window would need to be cut out and in case the opening of the window or the wood around it has deteriorated, that would have to be cleaned out as well. In addition to this you would also need to remove the casing, jams, trim and brick mold if it exists. Once all this is done, the new window with a new frame is put in, made sure it is leveled and it is screwed into place properly.


  • New look: Since the entire window and the frame are both removed, it can change the look of your home drastically. You can also use this as an opportunity to match your windows with some of the other parts of your home such as the doors or the woodwork so that it goes well with the d├ęcor of your home.
  • Long lasting: You can be assured of high quality performance and insulation since this is a relatively laborious process but the benefits of this process will show in the long run. You will not need to worry about maintenance, replacement or insulation issues for a long time.


  • Cost: Since this is a long and tedious process, is also more expensive.


Retrofit window installation:

A retrofit installation is when the window, which needs to be replaced, is removed and a new replacement window is installed into the existing frame itself. The glass or the part to the replaced such as a trim is replaced and everything else remains unchanged. The new window is screwed into place into the existing window frame.

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  • Cheaper and quicker: Since this process does not require removing the window and window frame both, it is easier on the pocket. It also involves less labor and less time.


  • Hidden damage: If one has decided to go for the retrofit option it is advisable to be absolutely sure that there is no damage caused by moisture or rotting around the window frame. This might not be visible easily and it would be a good idea to remove a part of the casing near one of the bottom corners to check for any damage and to see if the window does not require to be replaced.

Which one is for you: Brick-To-Brick vs Retro-Fit Windows Installation?

Each of the above options has their own advantages and disadvantages.

We would suggest that though the brick-to-brick window installation may seem expensive, but its benefits would far outreach the cost in the years to come.

In case you decide to go for the retrofit window installation due to budgetary constraints, it would be best to be absolutely sure about the condition of your windows. You will not know the damage hidden behind the window frame unless it is checked thoroughly.

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The best way to make a well informed decision would be with the help of a specialist who would come to your home, check the windows and recommend options based on your needs and budget.

We hope you have all the information necessary to begin the great task of changing the look of your home.

Brick-To-Brick Vs Retro-Fit Windows Installation

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