I started writing this blog two years after I bought my first home. When I first entered my house, most of the things seemed out of space to me. I initially bought the house for the spacious rooms and location. But I knew I had to work hard to give it a better shape. I’m a very organized person, and I don’t like it when things are cluttered. The first thing I decided was what stays and what goes. I trashed all the unnecessary items in the house.

I worked for a home renovation company for many years. My years of experience have helped me in renovating my house. Now when my neighbors or friends visit my house, then really appreciate the new look. After renovating my home, I thought of sharing my experience with people. So, I started writing the blog. Here, you will find many tips on home improvement projects including DIY projects. I also welcome readers to share their stories and pictures of their renovation works. Read this blog to inspire you to give your old home a complete makeover.