When Paca first bought his house, it seemed like nothing had been done to give the place a better shape. All of its spaces were just sitting there looking out-of-place and cluttered with unnecessary items that didn't really belong anywhere else in particular than on their own shelves or at least crowded around unorganized piles throughout each room; but after throwing away all those pesky extra things (you know: furniture nobody uses anymore) within seconds he could breathe easy again because now everything was finally feeling at home!

After years of home renovation, Paca thought it would be a good idea to share his experience with others. He started writing the blog and people were really interested in what he had learned so far. The feedback from readers made him even more motivated than before!

But Pacа needed the money to keep fixing up his house and telling his blog subscribers about it.

And money came to him - he just started playing best online casinos - and successfully!

Pacа had never tried gambling before. But Sol online casino captured him !

He found many interesting games that had never seen before. In this article, people can read about gambling strategy in internet casinos and video poker machines.

In accordance with the law on Gambling it is possible to use only for entertainment purposes. However, most players of online casino games try to win a real jackpot or get a bonus from the house program. Of course, the probability of winning is not so great, but sometimes these chances can be increased by following certain rules. Let's consider strategies of playing roulette and slots being profitable in practice.

Casino Strategy "Live" Roulette

There are many techniques when playing live roulette in casinos will give you much more than just statistically optimal strategies used by computers (basic strategy). The most popular of them is the so-called martingale. It assumes that after each consecutive loss, you need to double your bet until you win. For example, if there were four losses in a row then at the fifth attempt you will have one winning combination and your profit will be equal to five times the initial bet. Although this strategy is used by many players in practice it has two significant disadvantages:

1) Gambling for many hours on end just waiting for the opportunity when you can make only one winning bet (eg when using Martingale system with 1% house edge);

2) Losses are possible even when using the optimal strategy due to lack of funds or bad luck.

The best choice would be to use a strategy based on Kelly criterion. As this method is used by casinos to increase their own income, it can also be useful for players. The main requirement for using the Kelly criterion is that at the beginning of the game you need to have enough funding to cover losses in case of adverse outcome.

Profitability of standard roulette systems

Using the optimal strategy, you increase your chance of winning with each bet (getting closer to 100%) by around 0.5%. This means that if you make ten bets, then after nine wins and one loss, your average rate will be equal to 9 + 0.5*10 = 43%, which is more than 37% offered by typical roulette casino games.

Casino Strategy Slots

An ideal strategy is used by casinos using virtual slot machines from Playtech company . It assumes that if you bet 5 coins on20 lines, then the chance that every line brings a prize is р = 4 / 20 = 0.2 or 20%. 

The most money you will win on one bet is 7 *5 = 35 coins so your maximum loss per bet is 5 * 35 = 175 coins. This means that if you have won 100 bets in a row, you can lose up to 175 x 100 = 17 500 coins - a small amount compared with average slot machines payouts. With this kind of "playing conditions" (payout table and number of bets), using the criterion makes sense only when your bankroll exceeds 17 500 coins!