The first rule of home interior design is to decide whether you want a modern or traditional look. Next, you will need to pick the specific style that goes along with this decision. In general, there are four major styles: Modern, Traditional, Eclectic, and Transitional. Once you have decided on a basic style for your room, you can select specific items for your room.

In the Modern style, you will most likely pick a color scheme of two contrasting colors with an accent color. This gives a feeling of simplicity and high-style sophistication. In most modern rooms, dark hardwood floors are popular along with clean lines using long lasting materials such as metal or leather accents.

In Traditional style, there is more of a focus on using wood and other natural materials. There will be soft colors such as creams and off-whites with warm accents such as oranges and yellows used sparingly. The furniture will have ornate designs to add to the formal feeling of the room.

People that choose an Eclectic style will most likely go for a unique and eclectic mix of furniture and decorations. It is the anti-designer's choice since you don't need to follow any one particular style, but can combine pieces from different styles freely.

Transitional interior design focuses on taking the best features of both modern and traditional styles and combining them into one room. The best way to create a transitional look is to use modern materials and furniture, but with traditional painting techniques.

Modern styles of interior design

Scandinavian design uses simple lines. The furniture arrangement closely resembles that of Japanese culture, with sturdy dark wood or metal frames and minimal upholstery. Decorations are kept to a minimum as well. This style works best in smaller spaces due to its simplicity.

The French Country look features warm earthy colors such as creams and light browns with floral print fabrics. Dark wood furniture with upholstered cushions is common along with intricate detailing on the ceiling and crown molding. The room should have a quiet, peaceful feel to it that also feels like home.

Shabby Chic entails the use of recycled or second hand items (or ones that look like they may be). This style is meant to look old with scratches, dents, peeling paint and faded colors. The furniture has an antique or country look to it. Lighting fixtures can be very ornate looking with lots of crystals.

Traditional Industrial design is the use of metal bars with wood for flooring and ceilings. This style works best in lofts or warehouses that have a high ceiling.

The Industrial Loft look is the same as Traditional Industrial, but there is a greater use of glass and mirrors along with bright paint colors. Window locations should be maximized to provide views from one room to another.

Arts and Crafts has ornamental molding around doors and windows instead of crown molding. Furniture is made of heavy wood and natural fibers such as cotton and wool instead of leather or metal. There are many different styles contained in the Arts & Crafts movement, which you can see examples of here.

The most important rule about interior design is to have fun with it. While there are suggestions for how to do things, you are limited only by your imagination.

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