Having hard water and contaminated water is not the same thing. When you have hard water, that means your home`s water supply has a high level of calcium and magnesium. Softening it will surely give your water a better taste.

However, that doesn`t mean that your water is healthy enough for drinking. Water softeners will not filter water. They will only reduce the level of elements that can harm your pipes and leave spots on your dishes. Only having a high-quality water filter will give you water that is safe for consuming, showering and cooking.

What Are Water Softeners?

According to the experts at Secure Aqua, water softeners are devices that have the task of removing certain ingredients from your water supply. They can be described as a chemical magnet. That magnet will contain all the hard water ions and replace it with sodium or potassium ions.

By doing that, water softeners will prevent calcium and magnesium from damaging your pipes and leaving spots on your kitchen appliances. That doesn`t mean that water is safe enough to drink. Also, removing all of the calcium is not as good as it sounds. Having a little calcium in your water can be healthy.

How Do They Filter Water?

Water softeners are not filtering water. They are just replacing hard water ions with their own ions. If the water was dirty before, it will surely stay like that after the process of softening is completed. In order to have clean and healthy water, you can use for drinking and showering you need to acquire a water filter.

Water filters are removing all the elements that can potentially be bad for your health. There is a wide array of types from which you can choose from. You can use them for treating man-made chemicals or natural factors. They will help you in preventing various diseases that can be caused by those elements.

What Is the Filtered Water Good For?

As we said, water filters will remove all the contaminants from water. After that, you are free to use water from your supply for drinking, cooking, and showering. Also, watering your garden with dirty water is not the best choice you can make, correct?

The best thing about filtered water is, filtered water consists of all the healthy minerals you can find in the hard water, eliminating all the minerals who could harm your health in the process. Many of those systems are using activated carbon that will block all contaminations from invading your house`s water supply.

What Is the Filtration Process?

Water filtration can be achieved in several ways. Four of them, to be exact. We are going into give you an insight on all four of them.

  • Activated carbon. Activated carbon granules are charcoal-based. These granules are the best choice for impurities that have some percent of carbon in them.
  • Reverse osmosis. Dirty water is forced with pressure through a membrane. Water comes through the membrane and leaves all the impurities captured.
  • Ion exchange. This type of filters is softening and cleaning dirty water at the same time, by replacing bad ions with good ones.

Distillation. This way is the simplest and the most popular one. You just need to boil dirty water. That way you will purify it from all bad features.

Do Water Softeners Filter Water
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